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Test Difference between is(), hasClass() & $()

http://jsperf.com/diff-between-is-hasclass-class Test Difference between is(), hasClass() & $() Best is $()

Transparency Mixin SASS for All Browsers

Transparency Mixin =opacity(!opacity) opacity: !opacity /* for All Good browsers */ -moz-opacity: !opacity /* for Mozilla & Netscape */ -khtml-opacity: !opacity /* for Safari & Webkit */ -ms-filter: "progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Alpha(Opacity=" + round(!opacity*100) + ")" /* for IE 8*/ filter: "alpha(opacity=" + round(!opacity*100) + ")" /* for IE 5-7 */

Strategies for startups

Brief collection of strategies that you can use to generate new ideas for startups: Repurpose Take a service or approach applied to one market, and apply it to another. Examples: Chill (Turntable.fm), Yammer (social networks for businesses) Digitize Take content or functionality that exists only in a legacy form and put it online or in an app....

Using formtastic, Chrome form validation tooltip

HTML5 Interactive Form Validation Chrome Chrome automatic validate the “url” and “email”….. at front end. A small tooltip in red appeared. which is annoying because we don;t know where its coming from. = form.input :website = form.input :email This code will generate <input name="website" size="30" type="url" > <input name="website" size="30" type="email" >   To fix...

Negative Margin for IE7 & IE8

Last tip was to fix the bug related to negative margin for IE…. use of zoom: 1 but today i faced another problem with negative margin its hide the div…. Here is trick use zoom:1, position: relative Problem: .container{ padding: 20px; } .toolbar{ margin-top: -10px ; } in IE red area of toolbar div hide...

Text-indent IE7, IE8 Fix

SASS code .icon text-indent: -9999px float: left display: block font-size: 0 line-height: 0 overflow: hidden Font size to 0, line height to 0 then element should be block, overflow hidden…. works on both IE7 & IE8..   OR you can use text-transform:capitalize both work

5 Rules for a Creative Culture: MailChimp Grants Employees “Permission To Be Creative”

Ben Chestnut, founder of MailChimp shares his views on what it takes to create a creative environment: Avoid rules. Avoid order. Don’t just embrace chaos, but create a little bit of it. Constant change, from the top-down, keeps people nimble and flexible (and shows that you want constant change). Give yourself and your team permission...

Disable submit button using live after form submitted

using live for form submit $("form").live("submit", function() { $('input:submit').attr("disabled", "disabled"); $('input:submit').addClass("disabled"); }); this code is to disabled the button and add disabled class to it. problem: This is not working with jquery ui dialogs. It disabled the button before the form submitted so button params = nill Solution: So i am using delay. so come up...

Difference between jQuery live() and delegate()

Live() vs. Delegate() both are use to attached event to current element and future elements which we append after DOM loaded e.g. we load some table rows using ajax. but still they have difference… let start with live() Its attached directly to elements like class or id but not be used with chaining. Right use...

JQuery highlight column & row of table using delegate.

JQuery highlight column & row of table using delegate. $("#table").delegate('td','mouseover mouseleave', function(e) { if (e.type == 'mouseover') { $(this).parent().addClass("current"); $("colgroup").eq($(this).index()).addClass("current"); } else { $(this).parent().removeClass("current"); $("colgroup").eq($(this).index()).removeClass("current"); } });

Negative margin in IE7

Some time we need a negative margin for example margin-top: -10px. This not work in IE7 Here is trick for Internet Explore 7 use zoom:1 for negative margin so your css class will become .foo{ margin-top: -10px; zoom: 1 } This will solve the problem

Jquery AjaxStart & AjaxStop

Today I had a problem with jquery ajaxStart and ajaxStop I want to have 2 differnt loading spinner but this ajaxStart and stop is overall kind of thing whenever there is any ajax request it will show the spinner. ajaxStart and ajaxStop are meant for for  ALL jquey ajax calls, not specific ones related to...